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Does it do the patients treatment and the homeopathic case-taking justice to see patients via VOIP systems, such as Skype, without seeing and meeting the patient face-to-face?

A non-representative survey conducted on a social networking site, brought forth the following considerations:

Question asked:

Do you offer to take cases via skype or other VOIP services as part of your homeopathic practice? If so, to what percentage does such ‘case-taking at a distance’ make up your clientele?

The following percentage ranges were given as possible answers:

10 – 20%

Homeopaths responded as such:



The discussion shed some light onto practitioners’ thoughts on this topic:

While the face-to-face consultation is prioritized, the opinion was voiced that ‘a treatment was better than no treatment’ for a patient in need. Systems like Skype, with the video option permitting visually perception of the patient, were considered the preferred tool to telephone consultations that did not offer this possibility. It was stressed that in emergencies and in follow-up consultations, where the first consultation had been conducted face-to-face, VOIP systems were a most viable option. It was further agreed that non-verbal information expressed by patients was very valuable, and that this was most marked in a patient’s home environment.