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Not all consultations in the treatment room leave a practitioner un-touched or without impact. There may be issues in a patients case-taking that arouse discomfort, troubling thoughts or concerns in the practitioner.

What happens if we, as practitioners, struggle? If we find a patient and his or her case history challenging? What can we do if our service to this patient, triggers within us, buttons that we would never want to have pushed?

Supervision, is a tool, an option, a service available to practitioners, where they can seek help if they require assistance dealing with situations occurring within consultations that they cannot get their head round, that challenge their views or trouble their mind.

We wanted to know what views homeopaths had concerning ‘supervision’!


Supervision… a helpful service to have, or unnecessary? What are your thoughts? Do you appreciate the availability of supervision for our profession as homeopaths, or do you think this is of no use and unnecessary?

Possible answers were:


  • Supervision is a great help


  • Supervision is unnecessary


This is how homeopaths responded:





Homeopaths felt that supervision can be of assistance for practitioners. However they argued that there are differing approaches, and a practitioner has to find one that suits him or her. With an appropriate approach found, seeing a supervisor can be beneficial to the practitioner.